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In Europe or in the United States no one would ever think it’s cool to dress like someone you love, in fact, girls make a point of calling each other before a party to make absolutely sure that they are not dressing like their best friends. Haute couture houses try to prevent the embarrassment of dressing alike by often selling only one dress per country to their high-end clientele. The idea of ending on the « who wore it better » in the magazine is a headache for most young actresses that can’t afford exclusive designs from the big houses.  Couples? even less. I have no desire ever to dress like my man, even if I fit in his jeans.. a never ending source of disappointment for me. But in China, friends like to dress like their friends, couples wear the same t-shirts or the same outfits. It’s quite cute and such cultural difference.

Strawberry was packed with the cutest couples of friends, girlfriends, lovers dressed alike. Very sweet no?

Do they live together? merely shop together? Send each other’s pictures before getting dressed? A never-ending mystery to me.

Super cute and stylish with the latest Moschino french fries phone cover

Adorable in blue

I loved the matching bunny ears



Les RayBan Babes étaient trop mignones, et prenaient la pose à la demande dans leur drôle de boite.

The Ray Ban China Babes Thank you girls!