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fearless in beijing

                     I love my Belle du Jour. I really do. The way I see it, those beautiful, fearless girls are fighting the good fight. Everyday, they are putting their energy in looking their absolute best and making sure that their outfits projects to the world exactly who they are. They are  – as fashion is –  a reflection of their times. I am not super pleased with my fashion students right now, and I painstakingly explained to them – again – last Monday that as per the wise words of my friend Brian Kirby, designer of Boudicca « Fashion is a silent opinion ». If first and foremost you dress for yourself, you also express who you are – subconsciously – with your clothes.  On some level, designers are responsible for expressing the zeitgeist, the times we live in. A great designer does just that. This is how he stays relevant.

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