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The most FUN at a Rock concert of course, is to dress the part! And if you are going to a rock-indie-folk concert the most fun is to dress with the most Over-the-Top outfits. Those chicks were fearless. In Beijing. And I loved them.

Rock on lovely ones and thank you

Loving the Chanel for a touch of class… Vive La Chine!

Definitely all about the cropped top.



Just lovely.

I disagree darling, you ARE special!

and fearless!

Everything about her was demented and over the top and I loved it!

That image just won my two VIP tickets for an Art event in Hong Kong. She had more stuff on than Johnny Depp on a night out!

So over the top! Gothic Queen for a Day!

Horny cap, and the arm of a seasoned Yazuka yet her little purse was a vintage « Paloma Picasso » and the patent skirt was the perfect length, chic. The lovely contradiction that is China. I loved her look. Belle du Jour.

Hannibal Lecter out for an afternoon of fun in the park. It is a rare moment when ones sees Liberty of London print mixed with the Sex Pistols.

Very cool Belle du Jour. I loved her « Black Widow » Vibe. She looked out of a gothic fairy tale… « Have a drink my pretty »….

The cool dudes from Gandhi flew all the way from Costa Rica to rock in Beijing!

All I could think of when I saw her was the « Little Red Riding Hood Grand Ma » she was magnificent!

I found the Invisible Woman, and she was selling goths scarves at the fair!

Or hanging out with her boyfriend, I am not sure.

Or hanging out with her boyfriend, I am not sure.

I recognized her from the Jay Arh party… Quite a different look, but still beautiful.

Still scary.

Long Live Rock and Roll!


speaking of following:




A bientot