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Life in Modern China is, for me, a bit like living in the Roaring Twenties in the US. It is exciting, energizing, sometimes overwhelming with opportunities everywhere and little time to rest. Recently I have been swallowed by different projects and have neglected these pages and for this I apologize. I am a fashion consultant and am currently preparing my clients visit to China. I recently started giving fashion seminars for the prestigious Tsinghua University, then for the Alliance Française  and I have been invited to have a fashion column on Sina Fashion blogs.  Sina is a platform that dominates online news with overall 3 billions pages read per day, so right now I am spinning a bit.

BUT… not enough to miss the fun! And fun it was! Last weekend, after Shanghai, for May Day Beijing hosted the second leg of the Strawberry Music Festival. Bands came from all over the place, Saint Michel from Versailles France tore up the stage to a massive audience that cheered, danced and clapped to the rythms ‘made in France’, Gandhi from Costa Rica did the same a few hours later and a great time was had by all. Maggie Cheung performed on the central stage and perhaps underwhelmed her audience a bit but it was fabulous.

The best part? The girls of course. It was a perfect storm to take a look at the current fashion sported in China. Not the elite from the parties and much more condensed than in the streets. All genres and all looks mixing up happily and spread out over the 7 stages and the grass. Sporty chic, Flower power, Gothic and Rock chicks of course, double trouble and twin looks, and many ‘perfect black look’. I had such a great time that it will require a few post to present what I felt represented the best Belle du Jour.

En route!


The Strawberry Music Festival started over the May Day Weekend. Groups from China and all over the world performed over seven different stages and it was great fun. The organisation was incredibly smooth I have to say.

For starters a quick overview… People here loving the French group from Versailles SAINT MICHEL. It was their first time in China and the crowd loved them. I felt a little proud.

Philippe Thuillier, SAINT MICHEL lead singer greeting the fans after their set. He was mobbed by fans and kindly obliged in endless ‘selfies’ with them. All promptly dispatched on WeChat and Weibo, modern China style.

Let’s start with « The Perfect Black Looks »

The beautiful smile, large capeline hat in black felt and micro shorts: Belle du Jour –

Red Lipstick and mirror sunglasses with the cool silk dress. Lovely. Perfect Black Look #1

So cool no? I loved how she mixed the accessories and those mirror sunglasses were everywhere. Big Trend.

A more demure look from the lovely co-founder of « Smash-a-cup » teas. Very beautiful Belle du jour. The « smash-a-cup » teas imported into China are delicious and super stylish. Wrapped in cardboard boxes, super well designed, it was a revelation, and the best part about Strawberry was discovering this new aspect of modern China i am not too familiar with, the indie-folk-aternative Beijing scene. Many artists were selling their stuff at Strawberry and most were super interesting. I also loved those totes all unique and all handmade. More on that later.

Those beautiful totes were all different and all super coo. Price 30 yuans, about 3.5 euros!

Those beautiful totes were all different and priced 30 yuans, about 3.5 euros!

The beautiful posters made by Smash-a-cup.

The beautiful posters made by Smash-a-cup.

This sweet version of the Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow « Mickey » were handed out and everyone was wearing them.


Perfect Black Look #2 –  cropped top where everywhere. She was particularly chic, and red lips, always.

It had to be heavy but she carried it in style.

Perfect Black Look #3 –  I particularly loved the mix of Celine bag and the biker jacket tied around her waist.

The beautiful Celine bag and the leather loafers. Just perfect. Chic and comfortable, yet edgy with the cropped top.

The super slim model Wang Qu You – Perfect Black Look #4

Beautiful Wang Qu You.

Elegant and the perfect white shirt. i was most amused by what was dangling around her neck.

The plaster teeth necklace was demented! I loved it.

The intensely cool P1 photographer.

Perfect black look #5 I loved the super chic bag with the matching mirror sunglasses.

Perfect Look #6 –  Slim leather pants and cropped top (again)

Asterix called and he wants his shoes back.

Belle du Jour

Belle du Jour

Elvis Presley at Peugeot

Philippe from Saint Michel posing with the fans.

These were the pretty chic ones…

Are you ready for the GOTH/Rock Chicks?

Backstage from one of the concert, she was very cool and posed for me for a while. I loved her look.

Backstage from one of the concert, she was very cool and posed for me for a while. I loved her look.

Arm_tatsgo I already wrote about how Chinese girls sometimes seem to for the biggest boldest tattoos. It’s quite a trend and of course at the Festival, many girls had the most gothic tattoos, yet, they are always polished with perfect lipstick, and strong looks. This is still unexpected here where Tattoos are so transgressional.


Another strong trend: The sporty Chic. Complete with football socks!
I will publish the rest immediately but on another post.

A bientot