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Masha Ma for Fall Winter 2014 went in a bold new direction. Inspired by the ethereal and ephemeral beauty of the epiphyllum, a special cacti flower originally from South Africa but that one can find in China and Singapore. This amazing flower blooms only once every few years, around midnight, exhuding a scent so strong it is said that sensitive souls can faint. Masha Ma sent down the catwalk a strong, directional collection on flower-masked  amazons that took the audience by surprise.

masha ma

Far from the minimalist mood of her most recent collections with their clean, pure lines, simple cuts and discreet embellishment, Masha Ma chose for her Fall Winter a color palette in strong yet simple tones: Black. Navy. White. The occasional slash of red,  a nod to China signature color in stringy necklaces popped here and there. It was a visually arresting collection of amazons with perhaps too many details here or there but quite a strong statement from the Chinese born designer.


“For the past seasons, I was interested in making feminine clothes, they were simpler, but this season I wanted to push further, explore, I did not want to play safe and will continue in the future to go in that direction.  Next season I will go further still. I design for strong women that are taking risks » said Ma. Here she is backstage the day before the show which was shown on the official schedule of Paris Fashion Week last wednesday.


Last check under the eye of the model.

Before the show

Before the show


The workmanship on the sleeves of that apparently simple sweatshirt was absolutely breathtaking.  A latrice work of small beads cleverly sewn together into the softest beaded lace. A delightful mix of easywear and haute couture. The « mask » a poetic nod to China’s recurring pollution nightmare was made into an orchid-like flower, theme of the collection.


masha Ma catwalk

This beautiful jacket, made dramatic with the poetic ‘flower mask’.

Close-Up Masha_Ma

Bold mix of textures with the clean crisp white shirt as a canvas.

Masha ma fall 2014

The final line up Place Vendôme, ambiance Film Noir.

The final line up Place Vendôme, ambiance Film Noir.

Ma Final

It will be interesting to see how the fashion magazines and Masha Ma’s clients will reinterpret such a strongly visual collection in the months to come.


A bientôt



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