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I have been running like a chicken with no head, the White Rabbit, Usain Bolt, the Energizer Bunny all rolled into one. My schedule these days is a bit fast, a lot discombobulated and I am spinning on all wheels. Aarrghh! It sucks and I do not like it. Not one bit.

Classes to prepare, Fashion Week to attend, Fashion VIP friends visiting from Brasil and London to rush across Beijing in a futile attempt to present a mega-city of 20 millions people and counting in 4 days or less. Kids to cuddle, Halloween thrown in for good measure, and the CHINA VOGUE party! I am going nuts!


But I did go to THE party of the season. I might have crashed it a wee bit but hey… all my friends were officially clutching the red or Silver carton, so they snuck me an empty envelope and THAT with an attitude, the blond hair and  a Junya Wantanabe ensemble got me through the doors. The rest was all mine.

And it was glorious.

I will add the hundreds of images of the most prestigious, richest, most glamorous, famous people of Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and all the provinces that matter as soon as I can breathe but immediately I was to post my two most beautiful, elegant, charming and friendly… Belles du Jour!

  Je cours en ce moment comme le Lapin Blanc, (ou le Lapin Duracell suivant votre culture générale)…Je n’en peut plus et ça me gonfle en fait! Fashion Week + mes cours à préparer+ le frigo qui se remplit pas tout seul + Halloween et les bonbons qui viennent pas tous seuls + une copine du SPFW (Brésil) à qui j’ai montré la ville en 4 jours+ mes copines de la BFC (Londres) avec qui j’ai tout fait en 3 jours + La fête de la Saison + les photos à  éditer + Instagram! Je suis mourru! et ca ne me plait pas… parceque il me reste tellement à mettre… la suite de Chic Young Blood, l’épique Fashion Week de Ningbo, un bled de 8 millions d’habitants –  et oui quand même! d’oú j’ai eu une vue imprenable puisque jury, la nouvelle tendances des FIB! Mais surtout… LA Fête de la Saison oú je suis peut-être rentrer sans carton completement official mais d’oú j’ai pu photographier tout ce que la Pékin, Shanghai, les provinces riches de Chine et Hong Kong comptent comme célébrités, beautés, milliardaires, actrices, mannequins, designers, présentatrices TV, créateurs etc… et je dois mettre tout ca ici parceque c’était incroyable et tres drôle mais pour aujourd’hui, un tout petit échantillon de la Fête de 7 ans de VOGUE CHINA!

Au milieu de cette foule étincellante de beautés, de gloire et d’argent, deux filles.Deux filles sublimes dans des tenues qui tranchaient completement avec le reste de la fête. Une élégance naturelle, une simplicité l’une pour porter une robe d’une ligne pure et quasi monacale, l’autre pour porter avec classe une robe importable, relique d’une autre époque d’avant sa naissance.

Soirée inoubliable.

Belle(s) du Jour.

The first, Mao Jin Qi, here in front of a Erwin Blumenfeld iconic cover is in a long asymetrical  white dress, breathtakingly simple, elegant. I loved the cape/coat below in cashmere with the faux-fur collar. The detail of the navy nail polish, the gold metal belt, the pochette. She is in addition a talented artist that designed a « Swiss neon » for the exhibition. Amazing. Both.

When I first saw 毛婧琦 Mao Jin Qi. She was wearing this. In a sea, an ocean of Over The Top Famous brands and super charged glamour. A snowflake in the desert. You are beautiful.

This amazing ensemble is designed by  Yu Wanning.(于惋宁Evening)

This is her art designed for the China Vogue 7th Anniversary party. Simply put: I want it. * and i am not quite sure exactly how I feel about Switzerland… really!

Voici l’installation faite pour Alexis de Betak de Mao Jin Qi. Je suis tombée en amour de cette piece, malgré mon… « amour » de la Suisse…

The designer Yu Wanning and her Muse. La muse et artiste Mao Jin Qi et la créatrice Yu Wanning (于惋宁Evening). 

Then while chatting with Christine Lau the young designer from the cool brand Chictopia, I met Zhang Shu Yang.

Ma deuxieme Belle du Jour de la Soirée la plus étincellante de toute.

Zhang Shu Yang is a Supermodel, she won Asia’s largest Supermodel contest in 2008 and never looked back. I loved her dress! She carried off with gusto her Vintage 1980’s velvet mutton sleeves sequin and velvet dress she had bought in a Brooklyn Vintage shop like it was made for her last week in Couture and that in a crowd where private jets and limos are the only mode of transportation. Amazing. Her shoes were equally perfectly chosen and fun. Absolutely lovely.

Sublime non? J’ai adoré les lêvres violettes.

My Belle du Soir were perfect. I also loved loved loved the purple lips. Again not easy to carry, I for one would look like an exhumed corpse. Perfect for Halloween, less so for Vogue! She looked stylish and different. Perfect.

So voila for now, I need to do ChicYoungBlood the Sequel ou la Suite en Français… Then Strike a Pose… Then Oh! I almost forgot… Fashion Week in Ningbo – front and center. I was on the jury panel!

A bientot


PS Yu Wanning has a gallery/showroom in Beijing:

Evening Fashion Gallery位于798艺术区七星东街