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Woohoo! It’s Fashion Week!

And it would be an understatement to say that Mercedes-Benz CHINA FASHION WEEK is sort of a private affair. I have been told that the authorities are worried that properly advertised it would attract too many people. Fat chance of that. Tucked away in the creative district of 798, in 751 to be precise it is quite small and missing it would be very easy. Which is something i hope to work on one day with them. Meanwhile the facilities would make any other global Fashion Week drool with envy. The VIP Lounge close to the venue is luxurious glass and steel box, in the most amazing environment of renovated factories, trees and steel beams. The « Young Designers » area is in a beautiful renovated factory with square meters to spare everywhere you look, a conference center, steel beams and brick towers everywhere and a massive stage where a catwalk show excruciatingly lasted over 3 hours this afternoon. 

« CHIC YOUNG BLOOD » a tiny tiny version of Who’s Next without a proper catalog, and about 30/40 brands tops, mixed in no discernible fashion or sense. The lack of crowds did make for one pleasant experience thought. As everyone there was either working in fashion, working there or loving fashion (Students galore), then the whole thing had a strong « entre nous » feeling that reminded me of some of the best shows in Paris… And not just because of the Black Thing… *see above.

So @CHIC YOUNG BLOOD… Let’s review shall we:

Very young designers presenting micro-collections, Lee Cooper presenting its jeans facing some young bag collection presenting some ‘camo’ versions of all the Classics: Birkin, Bowler etc… Menswear and Womenswear, Sportswear, Headphones and Goth collections smacked bang against one another. A few buyers and no prices, some schools and one or two showrooms but none with a price list or an English Speaking staff member and finally Techno-Geeks companies presenting the latest apps and developing technologies which makes the most sense in the most fashion-loving and digitally hooked-up generation of all times. China’s new consumers. I am not sure but would venture a guess that 90% of Chinese Urban Kids own an iPhone or equivalent smartphone. Most have a Sina Weibo account and ALL are chatting are sharing their lives with their friends constantly. Not just daily: constantly. The technology that was explained to me yesterday will put all the heavy printed show catalogs, look books, paper stuff buyers lug around all day obsolete! retailers can reach their clients though their phones just when they take a street picture, Catwalks and lookbook can be streamed on any phones, iPad, etc.. in seconds and any language for any target. Custom-made magazines uploaded at the tap of the phone etc… It was mind blowing.

Anyway, so after looking for this show and walking miles,  I did find it and I have spent the last 3 days roaming the moderate crowds looking for great designers (did not find), interesting collections (ditto), cool people well dressed and fashion-loving (so many!) It was glorious and if the greasy pizza from Beijing’s « Kro Nest »put a massive dent in my currently healthy diet, I did get some good snaps out of it!

I was also invited to be a judge and jury all by myself by this great new Fashion platform internet developer (360fashion) and we had in our bag of tricks quite a few goodies to distribute to the worthy: Chan Luu bracelets, Marc Jacobs T’s and cosmetic bags AND three of Nokia’s latest hi-tech phones… All this to give away at the snap of my favorite fingers! One rule: had to look fierce! (or good! or something different and good…. ) It was a challenge but they rose to it. One kid refused to have his picture taken. He should have learned English at School… I was commenting to my lovely Chinese side-kick « assistant » that his win was in the bag… We moved on.

Here is my day!
Well my last three days…



I have so many more good images to share, that I will translate this post in French and add more images tomorrow so as to not make this one too heavy.


A bientot