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Ahem… As it turns out, I have been caught in a unexpected Chinese counterfeit scheme!

Sasha « Wasabi » after I extensively explained to all the students the not-so-fine-line between hommage and copies, inspiration, research and plagiarization,  The importance of CREDIT to keep credible, minutes after I praised about her skills and her eye…. She posted more pictures, each better than the last. And then again. Until finally one of the other students got fed up with my encouragement to her and gave the plot away: Sasha was simply lifting them from http://www.droptokyo.com and http://www.snapsfashion.com. As I was admiring her style and the girl’s unique style, she would reply coolly that she had been « attracted to her by my coffee house » – —

In Tokyo as it turns out.

I am absolutely livid but mostly I realize yet again that not only do we have a massive cultural gap but that some of the Chinese do not understand fully the massive differences between creativity and copy. Let alone credit.

As she is a Fashion Student aiming to get into one of London’s top creative school…. She’s got a long way to go. Starting Monday when I will expose her and what I think of her methods in class.

I’d call in sick if I were her.


Of all my students, Sasha currently (does not)stands out for her great eye and her unique way to make her fabulous FIB pose. I asked her to start her blog and will keep you posted (or not).

Both these great Belle du Jour was caught at Sanlitun North by Sasha (or in Tokyo by a snapper from Droptokyo.com).