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She patiently waited under the light for me to capture her elegance. My camera is too small, I had to try over and over.

When visitors first arrives into Beijing, the first thing that strikes them is how dirty and unglamorous the city can be… Dusty, crowded, polluted; a city where some days you can smell the toxic clouds, where traffic jams and rickshaws are honking at each other night and day and where the eyes can get lost in the infinity of sky scrapers and endless avenues all around.  This can be overwhelming and make one forget the quiet beauty of Beijing with its numerous beautifully preserved parks, the old China charm in the serpentine Hutongs, Beijing’s great restaurants with their wonderful cuisine and the incredible history of  the city’s cultural heritage. Not to mention that unique, fabulous, fearless (if sometimes dubious) peculiar sense of style that possess most Chinese girls and that I have come to love so much!

The coolest girls in the place, of course they work in « my » kind of fashion, of course. They both work for Fei Space, the most interesting multi-brand boutique in Beijing. Of course.

And naturally like every capital in the world Beijing has a very glamorous side. With a cluster of elite, fashionable, rich (or aspiring) gorgeous people who meet in exciting fun places for any excuse to drink and celebrate the high-life and its rewards.

Tall and detached, she was possibly the most beautiful girl last night. I loved her unexpected yellow jacket over her LBD, a perfect contrast with her bright red lips. She was perfectly still in the chaos, aware but detached from the attention she brought to herself, Her eyes quietly telling all around her « You will never know me ».

Last night I was luckily On The List for the launch of a new fantastic luxury 5 stars hotel in Jiangtai.

EAST hotel belongs to the same people behind the amazing « Opposite House » in Sanlitun, and so last night « EAST hotel » was sent into the world with a wonderful party where the Moet flutes were bottomless, Belles du Jour were wall-to-wall, each clutching an i.Phone in one hand probably to report on the party on their Weibo and a glass of champagne in the other; and service was impeccable – a rarity in Beijing.  It was fabulous *and the hotel is absolutely breathtaking with its contemporary, welcoming wood and steel décor.

I had a great time

Besides Kylie M. not many girls can get away with a gold sequined pair of hot pants! She did so brilliantly so to speak. As for the other girl, I loved the colors in her hair and the bright red Dior purse.

Her black leather Obi belt over the Celadon green silk Kimono was very chic.

Thank you Ray for a lovely evening.


FIB love Hervé Léger dresses, most of them are super thin so they make them chic, as opposed to say… the Kardashians who are not doing the brand any favors! The pointy Red heels were just right with the blue dress, also I liked the long sleeves that made the HL less « obviously » sexy.


The most beautiful couple. They played pool for a while, then hung out with friends in the VIP corner. Both magnificent in their matching outfits.

Lorsque les visiteurs arrivent à Pékin pour la première fois, il y a plusieurs choses qui les surprends et les déroutent. Tout d’abord peut-être la saleté des rues, et cette pollution si intense que certains jours dans la ville les nuages toxiques nous enveloppent completement. (Hier soir l’ambassade Americaine donnait le AQI a 260) Ensuite, le concert abominable des klaxons des rickshaws « trompent-la-mort » et des voitures qui dans les embouteillages permanents cassent les oreilles  tous les instants. Les gratte-ciels à perte de vue, l’étendue quasi infinie des avenues vers toutes les directions désorientent ceux qui arrivent des villes « normales ».

Toute cette agitation cela peut parfois faire oublier le charme tranquille des hutongs, des monuments historiques, du Lama Temple, du Temple du Ciel, des vastes parcs de la ville parfaitement entretenus et de tout cet héritage culturel si riche. Cette collusion des civilisations est fascinante entre la Chine Ancienne et celle d’après-demain qui semble être en construction partout. Et puis, il y a ce sens du style et de la mode si inimitable des jeunes Chinoises qui, bien que souvent catastrophique, est parfois si energisant, si audacieux, si unique et savoureux que j’ai crée ce blog pour avoir une excuse pour le documenter.

Et bien sûr, comme toutes les capitales du monde, Pékin a une élite riche, belle, et à la mode et qui aime faire la fête dans les plus beaux endroits de la ville.

Hier soir, j’avais la chance d’être officiellement sur la liste pour le lancement d’un nouvel hôtel 5 étoiles dans le quartier du Jiang tai. EAST appartient à la même équipe derrière le chiccissime “Opposite House” in Sanlitun et la fête était à la hauteur des attentes.

Le Moët a coulé dans les verres sans discontinuer, les Belles du Jour étaient toutes là, chacune un verre dans une main et l’i.Phone dans l’autre probablement pour commenter la fête en direct sur Sina weibo ou QQ, et le service, rarissime pour Pékin était impeccable. C’était une très belle fête dans un hôtel magnifique en bois et métal à la fois contemporain et accueillant.

I simply loved her allure, (and her Pomellato rings)… She was fabulously chic in her black silk pantsuit and her black beads necklace.

Je me suis beaucoup amusée.


Issey Miyake Pleats dress and coat + Prada bag & necklace + Roger Vivier clutch & shoes, that’s a LOT of brands and a LOT of pieces, but her color choices made it work. She was lovely – and she told me, pregnant: hence the Pleats.

Some FIB girls are so very thin they make tight short dresses look demure! sort of.  I loved the red shoes on the right, they popped the simplicity of the dress, great look with the blue Prada bag.

the hostess with the mostest. Had the cutest little « fascinator » hat on. Not insanely thrilled by the fringes on the dress, but it was a fun risk to take.