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Few animals are cuter, when not sleeping, they eat, when not eating, they play.

Pandas are worshiped in China. Chinese girls love to wear printed animals on their clothes, the cuter the better, and none are more visible than pandas. Everywhere. From Chic to Cheap. Straight to the FIB’s heart:

it’s Panda time!

The most interesting version to date on a printed silk dress. La version la plus interessante, en soie imprimée. Sanlitun North Village.

The Beijing zoo (quite a depressing experience in itself) prides itself on its Pandas, and amongst the crazed lonely sick animals there, the Pandas are certainly the best taken care of. Sort of. By Chinese standards. (Until recently the Beijing Zoo would helpfully indicate next to each animal’s origin, diet, stats etc… the tastiest part of the animal)…Those signs were edited because of the outcry from the WWF and the zoo’s international visitors.)

In Hong Kong’ Ocean Park Pandas are definitely in an amazing environment and admired by crowds day in day out who came just to see them eat bamboo or play.

Their estimated numbers vary from 237 in captivity to 2000 in the wild – in China. In this country of 1.3 billion people this cuddly giant is everywhere, worn with pride by many adults and kids, its black eyes everywhere from cupcakes to silk dresses.

I am sure that if I had been patient enough I would have caught one on a tattoo somewhere, Oh well…

Here is the Panda Parade!


Ils sont quand meme super charmants, énormes, passant la majorité de leur temps soit à baffrer soit à dormir.  Les chiffres ne sont pas certains mais ils seraient estimés entre 237 en captivité en Chine et on pense peut-être 2000 en liberté. Sur un pays de 1,3 milliards d’habitants. Ici, le Panda est adoré et il est partout. Avec un peu plus de patience j’aurais certainement attrapé un panda en tatouage.

Voici la parade des Pandas.


I know, she’s back… I had to! She still looks like her t-shirt!

A bientôt!