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Beijing is a perfect mix of Modern and Ancient China, its streets are full of ‘little jobs’ that have all but disappeared from the Western world.  It’s the balloons salesmen endlessly riding their bicycles near Sanlitun or NanLuGuXiang, the parking attendants rushing to ‘guide’ the drivers parking and then slip a tiny receipt under the windshields day or night, the clever bicycle repairmen and their portable atelier spread all over the city that can fix almost anything on 2 wheels. The itinerant fruit salesman with his cart ubiquitous in summer replaced by the steaming sweet potatoes carts in winter… In the hutongs it’s the knife sharpeners or the hairdressers that work tirelessly from their tiny shops. These men and women are all the true heart of Beijing.

A tailor still hovering over his sewing machine at 11pm

A tailor hovering over his sewing machine at 11pm near the Lama Temple.


A small noodle shop in the hutongs, the heart of ancient Beijing.

Beijing, comme presque toutes les villes de Chine est un mélange déroutant entre Chine moderne et ancienne. Dans toutes les rues, des ‘petits boulots’ qui ont pratiquement tous disparus des villes d’occident se télescopent et donnent à la ville sa saveur unique. Des vendeurs de gateaux de semoule poisseux et couverts de fruits secs ou de poulets cuits à la vapeur et aux parfums aussi mystérieux que délicieux, des aiguiseurs de couteaux, vendeurs de ballons, des parc-mêtres ‘humains’ qui accourent pour ‘aider’ les conducteurs à grands cris, les tailleurs qui travaillent tard dans la nuit pour réparer ou récuperer n’importe quelle tenue, des réparateurs de vélos, des échoppes qui partout donnent à la ville son énergie.

A tous, merci.

The massive sweet steamed 'grain' cakes sold by the migrants on the side of the roads

The massive sweet steamed ‘grain’ cakes sold by the migrants on the side of the roads


Delicious steamed chicken sold with its mysterious broth in Wudaoying Hutong.


One of many gardeners inside Ritan Park, all Beijing green spaces are immaculately maintained.



He spent over 20 minutes trying to get the ‘perfect’ angle on his melting ice-cream.

baozi baker


A steamed dumplings cart

A steamed dumplings cart


The irresistible ‘quincaillerie’ at the Farmers Market

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