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Winter is dragging its feet, feels like it will never be warm again and so at least for another couple of months we will remain mostly indoors,  and if the cold was not enough to keep people away from the Beijing streets then the pollution would definitely finish the job. Yet another day, after another day at 20 times (or more) the recommended daily dose of toxic air as per the WHO. So everybody is hibernating.
The chicest Belle are in hiding but I think I can still see a trend through the smog… Well two trends, and they have been brewing for a while, perfectly opposite,

Cool, elegant neutrals VS COLORAMA. The clash of the color block and brights vs the subdued cream, white, grey, black and occasional ocre.

Let’s have a vote shall we?



Sadly, my picture does not really translate the effortless elegance of this Belle du Jour by Opposite House. Blonde hair, grey cashmere sweatshirt, and the O so fabulous long ‘faux fur’ white coat. Just chic.

IMG_0176Another Belle, caught yesterday. It’s actually her yellow bag that caught my eye and I loved how the color popped the entire outfit. I wish it had been leather. In the horrid weather she was a lovely sight. The short sleeves and the knit peaking out were pretty cool too.



I’ll confess they are all not super recent, but I loved those mixes of brown and grey. Very chic. The ankle warmer over the ballerinas, the pewter Jumbo 2.55, and the sophisticated elegance of the color block knit. Well played.

P1040444Also an Autumn look, effortless and chic. Loved her clutch and the blue nails.



What a great way to wear Docs. As for him, he was great as well. The red socks peeking just so, the murse just right, and the rolled up sleeved to uncover the color of the knit. Very nice.

Elle était charmante! Quand a lui, j’ai aussi aimé les proportions de sa manche, le détail des chaussettes rouge, l’inévitable sac. Trés bien.



To conclude the Neutral Chic, a Belle du Jour…. et pour conclure les neutres, une Belle du Jour.


Are you ready?

You are sure?


Il fait un froid de gueux sur Pékin, ce qui n’aide pas non plus c’est une purée de poix toxique qui nous enveloppe depuis maintenant une grosse dizaine de jours. Pour citer un journal « c’est comme si la ville était transformée en salle fumeur dans un aéroport » Précisons dans un aéroport en Chine pour faire bon poid! Bref, c’est déplaisant, il fait froid, il fait gris et du coup nous sommes tous en hibernation. Les Belles aussi forcément. Du coup, j’ai été un peu obligée de prendre quelques images d’archives pour illustrer deux tendances que j’avais repérées il y a quelques semaines déja… Les neutres contre les couleurs. Le chic facile et immédiat des tons gris, beige, marron, ocre, et encore roux contre le clash absolu des couleurs vives qui s’entrechoquent. Les deux sont intéressantes non?. A vous de me dire vos préférences.



Now… another way to look at fashion. This one is wearing lots of Chinese embroideries so kudos for representing!

P1010589Quite fun no?

P1050575Ok, just a tad OTT, i’ll admit! by my ‘office’ so naturally she pushes is a bit.




Belle du Jour, one of the last days of Fall, right before it turned, she was only too happy to show off one last time her new Hello Kitty sneakers. Totally irresistible.

Belle du jour, juste avant que le climat tourne, elle etait trop contente de montrer une derniere fois ses Hello Kitty!

P1040469When Givenchy turns into a costume, already the real thing is borderline…!

Deja que ça ressemble quand même beaucoup à un deguisement en « vrai »! Crazy!!!

P1040433elles n’hésitent pas à mettre des trucs bizarres sur les pieds!

P1040341Not a Belle, rather a flamboyant boy, another archive.

P1040004Guomao Belle du Jour.

P1020049Sanlitun. Another boy, Japanese style.

So personally I prefer neutrals but the raw energy of the color clashes is a lot of fun to catch.

What say you?


PS Today the pollution is finally lifted (sort of, 62 AQI and climbing)… But, after 10 days in ‘Dangerous’, ‘Hazardous’ or ‘Off the charts’ levels, we finally woke up to a blue sky over Beijing. Time to breathe. Hooray!