Soon (tomorrow in fact) I will be off to France for the holidays. Meanwhile the sky is opaque, whitish, current AQI 222,  and without yet having stepped a foot outside I can tell it is cooooold. Fat chance of finding a random Belle du Jour before lunch! So what am I to do but check my ‘unpublished’ archives looking for a few gems.

Luckily I still have a bit of those under my wing. Here is one of my ongoing projects. The first is one of my pet peeves: Spell Check. I never make fun –  out of principles, and it is simply not my point but this is irresistible.

(I am sure that I am more than once misspelling too…)

Indeed! I am with you on that one.

Indeed! I am with you on that one.

Sure -

Sure –

Granted – If I have to spell in Chinese, I’d probably be missing a stroke or two.

Fashion Must Goon - It simply MUST.

Fashion Must Gooni – we know that.


Beibous? – yes but in London.


no comment


Je pars bientôt – demain en fait – pour les vacances de Noël en France. En attendant, le ciel est blanc, vide, il fait un froid de gueux, une pollution pas encore record mais il n’est que 9h, et je ne vois pas vraiment comment je vais mettre la main sur une Belle avant midi. Du coup, je viens de fouiner dans mes archives… Et l’un de trucs qui m’agace le plus c’est les mots écrit n’importe comment. Parceque MOI par exemple, en Chinois, je ne me trompe pas -Jamais!!!




A bientôt