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Some Chinese girls have – when young and pretty – sometimes – not always – VERY  beautiful legs; long, lean, not too muscular, with a beautiful very smooth skin tone.  Mysteriously there is naught a trace of cellulite in sight – some genetic mutation I assume. * which I would encourage Western research to study.

They have great legs! Winter in Beijing is long and brutal. Summer is hot and humid, and Chinese girls take advantage of Summer to unveil their legs with lots of gusto in the shortest possible outfits. Sometimes, a pretty A line dress, sometimes barely there shorts.

La Belle du Jour. She remained gracious as I was having camera trouble. Wagas Sanlitun Village. June 30th 2012 – A lovely Beijing Jane B.

Not all Chinese girls have great legs. Also improbably they have a passion for stockings, even in stifling heat.

Sanlitun Village’s Bardot (Not Brigitte). 

I saw her in my compound, improbably going to work. She was struggling to keep her dress down as she walked, I thought she was lovely.

But all Chinese girls love to show their legs.

They confidently stride all summer in the shortest possible outfits. Some look like supermodels escaped from the fashion pages of the 60’s in cute A line dresses and off-beat colors; some girls look like models escaped from the Sausage factories.

Burberry Airline – NOT the approved final product.

Certaines jeunes Chinoises ont des jambes sublimes. Longues, élancées, avec une peau de rêve sans aucune trace de cellulite *je pense qu’il y a une modification génétique ici que les chercheurs du monde entier devraient étudier pour trouver une solution pour nous les européennes!

Pas toutes les jeunes chinoises ont des belles jambes, mais elles ont toutes une passion pour les devoiler le plus possible tout l’été. L’hiver est long, froid, lugubre et l’été est chaud voire suffocant, et du coup elles sortent les jambes des les premieres chaleurs pour ne plus les cacher jusqu’a l’Automne. Certaines ont des jambes de stars des Années 60, évoquant Birkin ou Bardot, d’autres des jambes de mannequins Olida, mais elles sont toutes en mini-mini improbables.

The asymetry of her dress/shirt worked with the shoes and color choices. (Her necklaces however give many WIPO lawyers a headache)

c’est pas toujours formidable!

Allez on va finir avec quelques beautés…

Let’s end this series with a few Belle du Jour.

I had to place that one again for the D&G eggplant skirt!!

De loin j’ai cru qu’elle n’était pas habillée. from afar I though she was half-naked.

Lovely. (fake glasses and all)

I am away from Beijing for the summer, but will try to post once more… If not I will catch you all with much more on Beijing Street Style in 6 weeks. Have a lovely Summer.

Je suis en vacances en France pendant 6 semaines, je vais tenter de preparer encore un oou deux posts mais si je ne le fais pas, bonnes vacances a tous et a bientot.