Flowing chiffon dress, large sun Hat, long hair, picture perfect.

Her chiffon dress was flowing as she walked, as if she’d recently vacated the pages of a Harlequin novel. Hat in hand and all. She never stopped chatting on the phone, presumably describing the « scene » to her friend. She was beautiful, in a time-capsule kind of way. Amazingly, I do not think she knew to what time frame her outfit was sending her back to, Pretty Flower Child.

The shoes were off, but I’ll cut her some serious slack. It is impossible to find affordable cool shoes in Beijing. Her bag was an FIB all-time favorite, The Louis Vuitton « Never-full »cabas, same as the singer from the prior post.

Elle était absolument charmante et avancait comme une héroine de roman rose la robe flottant au vent, les cheveux long et une main sur la capeline, version inattendue et probablement involontaire d’une hippie de luxe ou d’une « jeune fille Hamilton« . Elle n’a jamais cessé sa conversation téléphonique, souriante et légere, gracieuse et sûre d’elle. Le bémol des chaussures était balancé par le cool « Never-Full » Vuitton, un grand favori des FIB.

Just gracious