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So I am a little later than I wished with this particular post.

Fashion Week is over, the dust has settled and I am finally going to publish the pictures I took at the Biggest Fanciest Most Social Event of the Season (I am not just saying that, this is the way the few Hong Kong Billionairesses I spoke to described the evening)


Vogue China EIC Angelica Cheung, ‘Legend’ Maggie Cheung and Alexis de Betak in the Guy Bourdin room. My timing was impeccable

And i was there! Yippee!… not quite on the list but my hand was clutching the envelope, the blond hair was flowing and I’ll confess that my face was swathed in fox, so I was « In like Flynn ».

Lindsay Wixon in Chanel Couture

It was so much fun and so interesting to see the elite and the prettiest girls mingle -in the cold – drinking champagne. Not a fake diamond in sight (I think) and except for my 4 students that managed to crash *and were congratulated the next day – not one faux-Vuitton on sight (I think). High note: the Guy Bourdin movies installation was amazing and although I had already seen it in Paris at Bon Marché, it was quite cool to see Dominique Sanda on a swing in pink underwear for the Master of Colors. Low note: I cannot understand why the big houses lent the ugliest clothes to this glamorous party.  The Gucci beige number printed with the ghastly GGGGG was surely NOTthe best dress Gucci could send for the occasion? Lanvin had some yellow number that looked like Mrs. Big Bird was about to give birth towering over the guests. The designers I spoke to were furious and frankly – as a French girl –  I was puzzled. Surely if you know that your target audience, the Elite of the Elite (Creme de la Creme), the very people you are most coveting are gathered for one special night considered by all to be THE night to Razzle Razzle you DO try to find the best outfit to represent your brand… non? They were too boring and too old, I did not even shoot the clothes from the exhibition. The pictures and the artworks were brilliant though.

张梓琳 – Zhang Zilin – The first Chinese girl to have won Miss World

Anyway, it was glorious, and I shot over 500 pictures, so picking will be tough. But I will try.

Et voila!

Fei Fei Sun – one of China’s biggest Supermodel

Viktor & Rolf

Probably rich and famous somewhere, but I did not identify her. Loved her profile though…. One of many Belle du Jour, a modern Madame X.

uncanny no?
Etonnant non comme elles se ressemblent?

The lovely graphic designer Ken Do and the model/actor Daniel Henney (give that man a role on James Bond! Stat!)

Caroline Murphy, Jessica Stam, Constance Jablonski, etc..

Actress and Dancer, Jin Xing 金星 is known as « Venus » – She is one of the few transgender personality in China. Her amazing life- so far- took her from being a Colonel in the People Liberation Army to being today a famous choreographer, a mom and TV personality. Amazing in a country generally so hostile to all GLBT matters!

Chanteuse, Choregraphe, Danseuse, Jin Xing est connue sous le nom Chinois « Venus », la premiere transexuelle connue de Chine, elle a été colonel de l’Armée avant de refaire sa vie. Aujourd’hui c’est une choregraphe célêbre, une maman de deux enfants, et une personalité chinoise. Incroyable dans un pays si hostile aux GLBT! (Robe Dolce & Gabbana)

Here is Jin Xing 金星 »Venus » in Dolce and Gabbana posing with a young designer wearing quite a considerable amount of TOO MUCH STUFF! The jacket, the earrings, the NECKLACE, the shirt… Waaaahhh! my eyes, they bleed!

Actors, Models, everywhere cameras and mikes…

Jason Wu interviewed for Chinese Fashion TV

Jason Wu and Caroline Murphy tweeting the night away from the Guy Bourdin room

Loved the Prada FW 2012 but what was wrong with her eyes????

This lovely creature is Victoria Yung 陆蓉之, one of China’s contemporary artist. NOT Yayoi Kusama!

A non-famous Belle du Jour, I loved her faux fur « Greek Shepperd »vest, that she rocked over the long silk gown and the fun bling she piled on her wrist and purse. Well played!

Fabulous Daisy-Head Mayzie (Thank you Dr Seuss)


Liu Wen – 刘雯 One of China’s Biggest Supermodel (With Penelope Tree in the background)

Fearless – truly Fearless and – in Beijing.

The Grass is always greener (in Hong Kong) and the ever lovely Fei Fei Sun.

Christopher Bailey and model Qin Shupei

I loved her dress, turned out she was the designer (am talking about the Halston/30’s number) Luvon by LiuLu

The best dressed model/artist of the night 毛婧琦 Mao Jing Qi posing with the designer of her amazing outfit. My absolute favorite outfit of the night.

(see prior post « The Fairest of them All »)

Some stones are indeed a girl’s best friends.

C‘est donc avec pas mal de retard (assez inattendu) que je m’attele enfin a la redaction du Blog de la Fête de la Saison (dixit mes nouvelles amies les milliardaires Hong Kongaises qui etaient venues en masse célebrer les 7 ans du Vogue China a Pékin). Champagne, diamants enormes, robes sublimes, actrices, starlettes, mannequins, acteurs, milliardaires, artistes, designers, ils etaient venus, ils étaient tous la pour l’evenement et je me suis glissée relativement discretement par une porte parallele pour faire toutes les photos de la Fête. Et elle etait parfaite. Le seul bémol peut-être mais il est curieux, ce sont les robes que les Maisons avaient prêtees a Alexis de Betak et Vogue pour illustrer les 7 ans du magazine en Chine. Elles etaient inexistantes de par leur style ou beauté. Des ramassis de chiffons rances, vieux pour la plupart de plusieurs saisons et qui n’avaient pas leurs places dans une fête aussi glam’ (Je n’exagere pas, la tenue de Gucci etait greige (???!!!) avec des GGGG partout- ma bonne ne voudrait pas la porter!) Je me suis fait la remarque parceque comme l’élite de l’élite de Shanghai, Pékin et Hong Kong était présente – en masse, que cette dites Elite est perçue par tous et chacun comme le futur Absolu de l’industrie du LUXE je ne comprends pas cette occasion ratée.

Ce ‘détail’ en moins c’etait merveilleux. Les photos d’archives de Lee Miller a Jerry Hall et Kate Moss étaient superbes, la salle vidéo Guy Bourdin émouvante et la fête réussie.

Alors voici enfin mes milles et une photos de cette si jolie soirée.


Beautiful starlet Ni Ni in her Prada gown carefully stepping down the black stairs from the exhibition.

Chinese famous actress  Huo Siyan 霍思燕-  I adored the panther sleeves, the emerald snake purse and the red lips with the sapphire earrings. Simply perfect. « Belle du Jour »

In her Vuitton/Chinese mini outfit, this model was trending over and over on Weibo! I think she single-handedly brought me over 100 new followers. The others came because of Zhang Shu Yang and Li BingBing.

Li BingBing in emerald velvet pantsuit by Gucci

The sweetest girl all night. Christine Lau, 刘清扬, the very talented designer from Chictopia wearing her outfit.

I loved her Style.

Falbala (of Asterix Fame) and Jason Campbell with friend.

Cool dude and Big Bird

3 distinctive and interesting ways to do Evening White from Viktor & Rolf to Margiela.

Falbala was there too (of Asterix fame) but not everyone had fun, that lady in the Burb’ was clearly massively aggravated! Perhaps because she was under-dressed? Perhaps her lover was there ? with the Wife? the Husband? the Maid? WHO Knows???

Bon allez… Last one for the road..

I am not the only one that was smitten…

My students, possibly sporting the only counterfeit of the night.

Those… Dollar for Donuts were genuine… (Sigh)

I cannot resist and will conclude with one of my Muse of the night. Zhang Shu Yang, Supermodel winner of the 2008 Asian Supermodel contest. Stylish, lovely and beautiful. Perfect.