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Plastic Surgery in China

The rise and rise of Plastic Surgery in China

I have been missing in action for a while, I have had a leg injury so bedrest, surgery, more bedrest… Won’t bore you with the details but basically I am « off the streets » for a while, which of course has considerably hindered my day-to-day observations of Modern China and of Beijing’s Belle du Jour, so my blog has been dormant. Sorry about that. This has given me the time to ponder a phenomenon that is exploding in China. Plastic surgery.

Truth about Beauty

Recently on a plane to HK I decided to watch a random chinese ‘romcom’* starring Bai BaiHe, a lovely actress I met and photographed recently at the Carven event in Beijing.

« The Truth About Beauty »

What I did not expect was to enter a parallel universe where a ‘romantic comedy*’ became to my western eyes a new genre between horror and surrealism.

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