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Lieber in the beautiful silk dress she designed.

Liber Jiang in the beautiful silk dress she designed for her line ‘Typical Me’.

One could say that for young designers it is getting harder and harder to succeed but the truth is, it has always been very difficult. Season after season, hundreds of fashion schools across the world churn out thousands of freshly minted hopeful designers with their portfolios tucked under their arms, with big dreams and big ideas, and usually two cents in their pockets they want to conquer the world. Some will launch their brands right away (British style), others will train with more established designers first (French style). The harsh reality is that, talented or not, most will fail and thousands will leave the industry within 5 years. Would Stella McCartney have attracted attention straight out of CSM without her last name? Probably not. Her former school BFF Phoebe Philo owes her career to the fact that Stella left her stranded at Chloe when she launched her line, giving her a chance to shine on her own. The rest was history and today Philo is at Céline designing the ‘intellectual-lesbian-chic’ collections she is famous for. Supernova fashion visionaries like Alexander Mcqueen, Christopher Kane or John Galliano are one a generation. Karl was honing his skills for over 30 years as a gun for hire before Chloe, Chanel and Fendi. Most hopeful designers will struggle to get buyers and editors attention from Paris, New York, Tokyo, Düsseldorf or Beijing.

Typical Me. A screen shot from her Taobao site.

"Typical Me" by Lieber Jiang.

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