Lost Beauties


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My gallery in Beijing, Intergallery.cn

The website of my gallery in Beijing Art District 798. Intergallery.cn

I never expected to share my images, or at least never outside of this blog. Not really. A few months ago some 30 years-old photos resurfaced in my life and they brought back memories about my days working at Alaïa, Claude Montana, Thierry Mugler or Karl Lagerfeld. Two small images were featured in the Vogue China Sept.13 issue and I expected the story to end there. Looking at them for the first time in 20 years, I realised they were about more than beautiful girls during PFW, they represent a ‘lost era’ and in these over-sharing times, they are somewhat of a time-capsule. So I started looking for the negatives.

Konglingnan at the opening, super chic in "Evening"

Konglingnan at the opening, super chic in « Evening »

Two rolls of black and white negatives were tucked away in my photo album. Luckily they had plenty of great portraits of Bonnie Berman or Linda Spierings, Janice and even Grace Jones chatting with Azzedine Alaïa while getting ready for the ‘purple dress’ shoot. Grace Jones _Alaia

I remembered that evening and how I cuddled and kept her son quiet while they were shooting. A few feet away her boyfriend at the time Dolph Lundgren was telling a journalist that he’d mastered russian in 3 weeks for Rocky IV. It was 10 pm and it felt like a very long day. I had my camera with me and around the craziness of Grace I was invisible so I took a half a dozen black and white photos while she did her makeup and Azzedine adjusted her on the table of the boutique.

Grace doing her makeup. 1985 rue du Parc Royal (photo Bénédicte Bro Cassard)

Grace doing her makeup. 1985 rue du Parc Royal
(photo Bénédicte Bro Cassard)

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